Deep Thoughts by Rachael Goff

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Broke Lust Humping

Ok so I guess I am a little late on the uptake But today while I was off of work sick ( hu hu) I attempted to watch Brokeback Mountain. I am sorry but I find myself to be a very tolerant person. However I could not get into it (insert joke here). I felt that my intelligence was being questioned. This movie was suppose to be a love story that helped to encourage tolerance. Within the first 5 min you did not feel like these 2 guys were going to have some intellectual love affair. I felt insulted. I went into this movie with the hopes of understanding a little more about the homosexual logic. This movie I thought was a total waste. If this movie was meant to shine some tolerance to the gay community I would say that it failed miserably. I have never seen a movie that plans to make its viewers understand gay lifestyles skip so much of the important get to know you phase of the relationship. I have never heard of a strait movie have 2 characters jump into the sac 10 min. in and have only had about 20 words said between them. I found it to be insulting. I think that if it would have won the Oscar for best picture it would have been a real shame and made any film with an Oscar nomination next to it a total joke. I am just really mad about the whole thing. I really would like that 50min back in my life. That's right I couldn't stomach it. The profession of love after a cold night in a tent. There were no stay up until 4am talking about what makes you laugh and what makes you cry. Is society missing that part of the relationship? That is the good stuff. That is when you really get to know what makes them tick.... Become comfortable.... Get all goofy. As a married woman am I totally missing the boat on this one. Do people really jump into things that quick? Is love mistaken for lust that quickly?? I don't know about y'all but I am really just in the dark about the whole thing.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Big Pimpin'

Single, Divorced, Widowed, come one come all. I feel like I am running a 3 ring circus to get all my friends and even acquaintances dates, husbands and sugar daddy's. Ever since I have been in high school I have found myself in the wingman position. I am always the one that opens my mouth first and initiates conversation with anyone anywhere. I am the girl that my friends go to and say he is cute see if he is single. I have never had a problem with this as long as I could get away unscaved and just go and enjoy the fruits of my labor and the couple live happy ever after. For god's sake the only reason that Steven ever said a word to me is because of his wingman Mark. Having said that I do think that it is fun to be a "pimp". So here to all the pimps of the world I salute you because "Pimpin an't easy". Last night got a chance to work my magic on a couple of my friends at a wild night a Karoke. It was a great time up until 1am when Julies car was broken into aka a BB KING incident. Looking forward to more good times!!! Much Love

This blog is dedicated to Julie and Matt, Natalie and Brian Both pimped 4/22/2006

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

To Pill or No Pill

Steven and I just booked our vacation for the year!! YEAH!! We are going to cruise the western Caribbean in Aug. I am soo exited that I can't wait I would go tomorrow if I could. The only real dilemma that I am facing is that I am not sure if I want to get on the pill for the few months prior to the cruise. Is that horrible? I don't want my vacation to be pushed back by pregnancy or even canceled for years.. Well until we get over the whole newborn thing and we can go about regular life.. Well about 18 years later. Steven and I have been trying for so long to have a baby that it is soo weird to even think that we could get pregnant when we aren't really trying but that is always when they say that it will happen. I don't know what to do???? Should I get on the pill??

Sunday, March 19, 2006

All about Julie

Sorry about the previous post, I pressed enter instead of Tab.

Where was I

Julie has been my best friend since at least 9th grade but some may track it back to the whole warlords and maidens debacle on the grounds of Shenandoah elementary where Julie claims that she didn't want to hang out with me because I was a goodie and was friends with the popular girls (ex: Susan, Priscilla and Amy all of which are pregnant single moms living in the back woods of Livingston parish-- ok probably not but in my mind they are. Never-the-less Julie and I have gone back a while. I was pondering this when I read Sarah's blog about her BFF. So in the spirit I am writing this about Julie ( Don't worry Jennifer yours is to follow.

1- Julie is the most loving person I know, If you want to be loved Julie is there to love you
2- Julie hates to leave a coupon on the table, if it is there she wants to use it, Hell it is free isn't it
3- Julie likes her world in controlled chaos. Organized piles are always ok
4- Julie will always get up in the morning with you to go to the gym to sneak in the back door and go and tell that bellydancing teacher a thing or two about dancing
5- In the same spirit she will always read the Hip Hop dancing teacher and tell her that she has no rhythm and she really needs to go back to DELTA DELTA DELTA
6- Julie will always make to most of a ordinary Tuesday with a impromptu trip to New Orleans to go and sing on the bar at Cats.
7- Julie will always make sure that Jasmine gets her due attention and bring her to play with her cousin Sadie to drive uncle Steve right up the wall( but hey its really fun to make him squirm)
8- Julie will make sure that your house is completely furnished while you "hold" her things for her until well... I guess Jennifer moves out she sells and well moves into old world villas and buys again. But hopefully not in New Iberia.
9- Julie will make sure that you are always dressed appropriately to all functions and make sure that your earrings match your necklace and your shoes match your bag ( Guess we should have been a little more selective with hair matching the dress if you know what I mean)
10- Julie will always be there with a smile when you are really feeling sorry for yourself and make you happy when you are feeling down. She is the best person I can think of to sit on the back porch and drink a bottle or two of wine with.

Love you baby

All about Julie

Sunday, February 19, 2006

At long last

At long last I am able to sit down and write a blog.. Sorry it has taken me so long. I am sure y'all understand. I have been working alot lately. There has been nothing to big happening in my life lately.. We painted the living room. It is English Tan and it looks great!! Steven spent all weekend painting it and I am soo happy that I was at work that day.. somthing tells me that there was alot of dirty words spoken when he was trying to paint the 12.5 foot celings. but never-the-less I think that it looks great. we are trying to decorate the house and make it all cozy. we bought our first peice of pottery yesterday and it looks great! I installed up lighting last week in the kitchen and it is soo cool looking! I have also been working on the yard! I am really exited to have a flower in my yard that I grew! I did everything for this bud and then it bloomed. Watch out martha! other than that I have really just been hanging out. Shopping with Julie and Jennifer and working. Sarah my prayers are with you and Terrell I wish y'all the best.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Is it really that Sirius

Ok so I bit the bullet and bought a satalite radio this week after long discussions about what to use the precious best buy dollars. These best buy dollars really do put a damper on my marriage! I prefer to buy something that I would not have regularly bought myself. Steven prefers to spend his dollars on many little 9.99 CD's and movies that he has seen 100000 times on TBS,TNT or FX. I think that when spending gift cards you must do it in the spirit in which the card was bought. For example when spending gift cards from Stevens grandmother the utmost respect must be paid it its rewards, this is the crystal platter, pretty stemware, or Classic Novels. When spending the bucks from say Julie or Mark you must spend it on the most frivolous of ventures eg: CD's, food, Hair gel. This year for Christmas we were confronted with a challenging one.... Stevens cousin. What do we do.... In a situation of this caliber you must do only one thing...Sirius satalite Radio. That is right we have the radio that never gives commercials, no repeats, and about 200 channels of pure bliss. Despite the about 30 channels of traffic and weather on cities that I don't live in. But feel free to call me anytime and get an update on traffic in Philadelphia. This has been the most wonderful gift that I would have never spend my own money on! Steven have spent multiple hours on the Hair Nation channel which is the all 80's hair band channel!!! THAT'S RIGHT ALL 80'S HAIR BANDS. I am sooo glad that we got it. I have to admit I have been spending a lot of time on the Martha Stewart channel and Howard Stern has somehow made its way on from time to time. I have really found myself laughing out loud in the car... In traffic. It really is a fun investment that I highly recommend.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sadie Saves the Day

Sorry it has been so long since I posted a blog, been really busy, working ,working, staying out of jail. On a recent trip to alex. I was involved with a miscommunication of sorts. Lets just say that there was a ticket (6 years ago) a forgetful cop that said that he fixed it TWICE, a speeding ticket, a suspending of license and a near trip to jail.. Did you follow that. I ALMOST WENT TO JAIL. The police officer was all ready to send me to the big house in St Landry Parrish (with I am sure was like my worst Barney fife and dukes of hazard image). But I believe that my one saving grace was my dog Sadie. I believe that if Sadie was not in the car and he was going to have to find something to do with my dog that I would have gone to the clink. I mean we were talking impoundment for my car and me going with him!!!!!! Sadie saved the day! I really believe that he didn't want to mess with the hassle of doggie jail. So for this post I dedicate it to the one schnoodle that has saved her mommy from going to prison... Sadie Soux Goff. A woman's' best friend.